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Choosing Durable Gum Removal Machines
Gum Exterminator® Machines by Daimer®

A chewing gum removal business is only as reliable as its equipment:
Always opt for machines with warranties, replaceable components
and stainless steel boilers.

Daimer®'s latest Gum Exterminator® chewing gum remover equipment includes a host of technologies designed to extend the lifespan of the machines. The systems include everything from rust-resistant steel to replaceable elements all backed by one of the industry's top warranties.

The Daimer® line for chewing gum removal business includes 12 machines ranging from the economical Mega 1000 units to midrange Supreme to the top-of-the-line Ultra machines. Equipment is available in 60 Hz and 50 Hz configurations for domestic and foreign customers.

Big, Bad Boilers

Each machine in the Gum Exterminator® line is based around a stainless steel boiler designed to withstand high temperatures and use for commercial and industrial chewing gum remover business applications. Boilers are warrantied for the life of the machine. In the unlikely event of a problem, the units are designed with an easily swapped heat element. This element can be replaced instead of an entire boiler, a time saver for busy gum cleaner businesses.

Gum Exterminator® boilers range in size from 4 to 5 liters and have stainless steel automated continuous refill chambers ranging from 3 to 10 liters. The boilers produced temperatures in excess 349ºF, depending on the unit.

Industrial Caliber Extraction Systems

Every unit in the Daimer® line of gum cleaners boasts an advanced extraction system including a vacuum with 2200mm of lift, a high-capacity waste chamber, and wet and dry capabilities for removing liquids and cleaning hard surfaces. Extraction chambers range from 5 to 14 liters. For gum removal, suction is provided through a dual-bladed squeegee.

Gum Cleaner Tools

In addition to a dual bladed commercial squeegee, the gum removers provide durable sidewalk cleaning and gum sidewalk scrubbing via a commercial-scale brush. The stainless steel brush is densely bristled for longevity and includes a threaded interface. The brush screws into the main gum cleaner unit and is designed to remain on the unit during heavy use. Some competitors use brushes that snap on and subsequently snap off during commercial applications or repeated use. Daimer® includes six brushes with each machine.

More Warranties

Each gum cleaner has a stainless steel base and reinforced hoses for steam and extraction. As a result, Daimer® offers a 3 year warranty on parts and 1 year on labor, among the longest warranty periods in the industry. Daimer®'s steam cleaning technology has proven itself and has been on the market for more than 25 years.

The systems are designed for the most demanding applications, such as sidewalk cleaning, and have the ability to remove gum from concrete. Until the day businesses have automated gum removal sidewalks, gum cleaners will have a steady business and long-lasting tools from Daimer®.

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